Wednesday, November 22, 2017

CHOICE centenary weekend thanksgiving dinner

We are companions on a journey. Breaking bread and sharing life....

CHOICE is proud to host our centenary weekend thanksgiving dinner for all CHOICEes from the inaugural weekend till its 100th instalment. If you have any known affiliation to CHOICE through its 36th years of formation, please do join us in celebration of this momentous event.

The following are the testimonies of our fellow CHOICEes... 

We are companions on a journey. Breaking bread and sharing life...

Indeed, the above lines from a song described the group of friends I have made since I started meeting them a few at a time beginning from 1998. We met in CHOICE, a singles adult programme.

As we served together, we grew from singles to married couples (a few of us found our spouses from Choice, though not all) and now families. Yet, we still made a point to at least meet once a year as a big group with all our children or as small groups among just the wives or the husbands.

We were so excited to find out about this dinner of thanksgiving celebrating Choice in Malaysia. Suddenly, we started recalling who was from which batch of Choice and all those nostalgic sweet memories. We hope to come as a group to be part of this special part of our life journey and growth in the Faith.

If you are part of this great Choice family, hope to see you there too.


We are companions on a journey. Breaking bread and sharing wine

This song still ringing in my head after graduated in November 2003 during Choice weekend 74 in IJ convent, Cheras. I don't remember having choice t'shirt at that time, even if I found one it wont be fitting me at all. There was the year I met this wonderful and awesome friends Patrick, Hazel, my Fatima good old friend Dominic, and then later my BEC Taman Desa good old friend Lincoln. Over the years I was praying & hoping we could catch up and I'm thankful and excited to find out about the dinner and that it finally happen dreams comes true. Looking forward to meet up other choicees at the thanksgiving celebrations. If you are part of this great Choice family, hope to see you there too. #ChoiceEmglishKualaLumpur #ChoiceMalaysia36thAnniversary  #XhouceEnglish74KualaLumpur2003


Doesn't it feel lovely to read messages like this. I am sure many of us are trying to recall memories from our Choice Weekends OR the moments we served in CHOICE.
It would be beautiful if you can share this Thanksgiving Dinner to your own personal FB and hopefully we can reach many more CHOICEes.

C99 Getaway + Shyan Surprise Birthday Party

The C99 bunch

On November 18 these gorgeous,outrageous and contagious group of souls gathered in a weekend get together plus birthday surprise. The location was at the luxury Setia Sky Residences KLCC, which provided breathtaking views of the KL city skyline.

Good to have Kevin back after a long term hiatus
The day started out with some dipping in the pool followed by a trip back to the suite to surprise a very surprised C99 participant, Miss Shyan.

An artist impression of what transpired during Shyan's birthday surprise. Everyone was pretty much way too surprised to take any pictures at that moment.

Gorgeous cake baked with love by Ivy from C99

After gobbling up slices of pizzas, the bunch return downstairs to the pool for a little karaoke practice which turned into a vocal extravaganza. Few did surprise us all with their flawless vocal renditions while others were told that quitting their day jobs to pursue a singing career might not be in their best interests.

Rumour has it that they will be performing a group vocal performance at the C100 Thanksgiving Dinner
 The night would not be over without some healthy recreational activities. The list included charades, halal beer pong and the much loved game of both George Michael and Freddie Mercury, also known as Twister.

One time suspected mobster, Miss Grace Selvi subjected her poor C99 batch mates to some rather cruel and unusual punishment

Some delightful buttermilk pancakes courtesy of yours truly.
Can't get any better than with these gorgeous bunch of people