Wednesday, October 24, 2018

CEKL 102 - The beginning of a journey

God works in many mysterious ways, in His own perfect time. He has brought us together as a family for a reason and now it is time to journey with one another. The relationships we now have are not a one off thing, following which we disappear but it is meant to be a someone we can belong to as we go through the ups and downs of life together.

Welcome to the family CEKL102!!!

If Choice was the reset button for you, it was only the beginning and not the end of this journey. There are always two questions that comes to mind when forming a bond with your CEKL batchmates. Are you willing to get to know a person? Are you willing to share your life with others? Don't let the sharing stop with Choice but continue to grow with one another. Sometimes it is only a matter of picking up the phone to call.

And now... tadaaa...... this is what we did after Choice...

Meeting up again was the best thing ever!!!!

Lunch date!!!

And some awesome night sessions....
Who wants sotong?? 

Not forgetting our Melaka comrades with their latest member. Whoot whoot!

I'm sure Debbie will call them superstars..

Kena chop.. next sister in line!!!

Second chop>>> 👍 sister very pandai la

The 3 sworned sistars... 

The 3 blood sistars... 😂..... from Assumption

And friends... you know what!!!! The youngest from this family of four brothers has finally graduated! They are a legendary family from which comes the likes of SILENT and NOISE.

Finally, we end with the following testimonials from our CEKL102 Choicees: (Thanks Charlotte for compiling them!! 😉)

At first I couldn't be asked to go, and then my mom had a serious op that week and lagi i didn't wanna go, but when she came out from ICU she made me go in the end!!! . I came with a very heavy & distracted heart... At first on friday night, it was still hard for me to open up & share but, it got better along the way.. Many emotions came upon me in that 3 days, never thought I would feel moved with waterfalls gushing down my cheeks. To sum the 3 days I had there, I just felt light, in that short while I actually felt happy 😊 But the best thing among all were the people.. I went there and met strangers, strangers who became friends, and friends that became family ❤ - Ralphie

Coming with an open mind and heart gave me the chance  to experience and take away what I needed most from this CHOICE weekend. Feeling part of a bigger family! - Gary

It was a life changing weekend, a weekend that brought many hearts together and created a sense of is a secret that has to be experienced physically and not through reading these words - Debby

An eye opening experience that made me think what I’ve missed in life and moving forward what I should b doing with my life! Thank you CHOICE 102 - Emiliene 

Personally I loved it.. I get to connect with new catholic friends as I never had catholic friends after confirmation.. makes me go church more as I have some friends to go with now - Dezmond

Attending Choice 102 is the most life changing experience I've ever had! I am now closer to God in prayers and church thanks to all the take home messages I have learned from the programme. I want to be a better person now and I am so thankful to Choice. - Anita

Earlier I had a big question in my mind whether joining choice program is necessary as my schedule was packed. After joining choice my life began to bloom again. I made the right choice and there is no regrets for it. If you have the choice join choice program to create miracles in your life. Cheers - Catterine

After Choice weekend, there has been a lot of reflecting and questioning. It was a weekend where I found myself exactly where I was when I first confronted my issues 7 years ago. This struggle was so real! I was not contented by the state of my current life. However, God had redeemed me and I accepted this invitation to search within myself again.  I managed to received this huge grace of healing by attending this weekend! I was finally prepared to be still and to enjoy being in the company of Jesus. - Jacinta

I have always had the impression that CHOICE was where you go and find a partner. But was I wrong. Coming to choice was the best decision I’ve made thus far this year. The experience and the people I’ve met only for 3 days I now call family. It has brought me close to God and I would like to thank the team for making this a great and wonderful experience. To know CHOICE you have to experience it yourself. - Brandan


Before we say goodbye, we will like to thank all Choicees and everybody who had contributed in whatever way towards making this weekend happened. Thank you also for all your prayers. Nothing can be done without God's help. 

To relive our memories of CEKL102, here is the video during our free time... macam around a campfire 🔥🔥