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A Christmas Carol with C99

Joy to the world the Lord had come. Let earth receive her king ! We Wish you all a Merry Christmas and to all a Happy New Year  As the year draws to a close and we rejoice for the birth of our Lord savior Jesus Christ, the participants from C99 got together to give thanks for the great blessings of friendships that we received following our CHOICE weekend. And what better way to do it than to spread that joy by singing carols in some of our fellow C99 houses. We were also lucky enough to be joined by two participants from C100 and a special guest from Singapore. Quick rehearsal outside the parish of Assumption. Shhhh, sing softly or we might awake the bay-bee.  First on our list was the beautiful home of Ivy Pat. We were warmly greeted by Ivy's mum who was quick to offer us some of her homemade cookies (some of which Ivy claimed to have made herself).   Ivy's mom's warm presence and humble nature had us all glowing in delight. As finished singing our

An open letter to Jesus - Happy birthday!

Dear Jesus, Happy birthday! Thank you for coming down to be present among us. Your birth on earth gives us hope. We are a fallen race but today your light has come into this world and into our hearts and thus we are saved. In serving the CHOICE programme, it is our human nature that caused us to fail you and our fellow brothers and sisters. Help us, the CHOICE team to be born again in your grace that we may forgive those who have hurt us. Renew our zeal to serve you. Keep us humble, obedient and kind that we can always follow in your footsteps.  Stir our hearts to love all mankind and to always love you. Sincerely, All members of CHOICE KL A blessed Christmas to all!!

Gospel Alive #3 - The joy of the Lord is my strength

John said, 'I am, as Isaiah prophesied: A voice of one that cries in the desert: Prepare a way for the Lord. Make his paths straight!' - Gospel, John 1:23 Many people today search for pleasures in life to make them happy, but find that it does not bring them joy. Some do not even know why they are unhappy or disconnected. When God is not at the centre, we lose our purpose in life. We lose this Joy! For St John the baptist, his conviction to prepare the way derives from God: "The Joy of the Lord is my strength" Joy is a commitment. In our family/marriage/relationship/ministry, to have joy in each other requires effort on our part to communicate with each other. If our houses are like war-zones breeding with strive and conflict, how can we have joy. Then we come to church, and it is difficult to maintain this joyful facade even if we try. We need to forgive one another at home, to be committed and persistent in communicating and talking to one another. 

CEKL99 M.A.D Project 2017

  It is our vocation to set people’s hearts ablaze, to do what the Son of God did, who came to light a fire on earth in order to set it ablaze with His love. - Frédéric Ozanam   Rachel from C99 really got the kids going with some super fun games On November 26  we set out together once again to share the mad love of Jesus Christ. This M.A.D project was initiated by the batch of C99 in collaboration with the Bethel Community Centre in PJ. Together we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids at Rumah Ozanam and also contribute some daily essentials.  Assembly point at the wonderful Bethel Community Centre  Funds and supplies were already collected beforehand and were promptly loaded up into the van to be delivered. Joseph from C99 putting Fr. Edwin through a vigorous weight lifting routine.    The initial group photo taken proved to be the most awkward group photo ever produced in recent Choice history.   A quick emergency tutorial by