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CHOICE RETREAT- 9/11/2019 & 10/11/2019 #RE Live Your Weekend My CHOICE Family   When I decided to attend this retreat, I didn’t know what to expect and just went with the flow.   I was amazed and found the sessions conducted by Kumar and his wife Monica were very enriching and involved most of us to use our heads to think and digest. The phrase “Be Still And Know I’m Here” which he mentioned during the session caught my attention.   Then when we were given some time to be alone with ourselves on the second day, taking deep breaths, hearing the sound and seeing the waves crashing into the shore, I felt really calm.   Still, considering  the many distractions and noises present, it was hard to stay focus and listen to my inner voice.   The session made me understand how important it is to take time and be alone with myself and God.  Finding that inner space and willing to let go of the "noises" in my life.  These "noises" can often be a distrac

My Journey through CHOICE KL 103

Greetings, My journey to choice was something unique to me. I always wondered on why the other choicee's would tell us to not expect anything or don't anticipate what's going to happen. Thus i went with an open mind and open heart to accept the experience that was about to befall upon me.  Upon going through the entire ordeal I realized so many hidden cracks in my life. I realized everyone that comes here are just like me. Struggling to understand life's journey, as we all embraced Jesus and allow God to navigate our lives, we learn to live within our means and harden not our hearts to be open to the world. I am ever grateful to the everyone who had cross paths with me during this journey. It was one that has rejuvenated the spirit within me and allowed me to continue my devotion towards God and his people. Cheers  A.J CEKL103

Choice’s interfaith programme - MAD Project

Choice’s interfaith programme - MAD Project It was my first time helping. For many of us Choicees, working together with our neighbouring Mosque by assisting them to distribute  free bubur lambuk and dates to passing vehicles and local residents was truly a memorable experience. I personally want to thank the staff for being so welcoming to us and for allowing us to share with solidarity, the spirit of Ramadan with our fellow Muslim brothers.  After giving out the bubur we had a short briefing to familiarise us with Islam and we were also invited to   break fast with our Muslim community at the Masjid. B efore the buka puasa, the Imam first introduced us to the community following which prayers in rememberance of the departed were conducted.  Delicious food were served including sirap Juice,Tom Yum & Bubur lambuk.  Some even brought food from home to share with the community. Waiting to break fast Our Yummy Tom Yum Soup Fifi...trying to Feed the passing