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S ince the postponement of the first CHOICE Weekend of the year, which was scheduled to be held on the 1 st of May 2020 due to Covid-19,   the CHOICE English KL Service Team has adapted to a “New Norm” of having our meetings. Yes! We have been communicating virtually.   We have had two meetings via Google Meet so far and on each meetup, we discussed certain topics that were randomly selected yet closely related to our CHOICE weekend retreat topics. The sharing of the topics were really good and interesting as not all of us have the same views. It was a way for us all to get to understand, know each other a little better and build a stronger bond, despite not being able to have our regular meetings. The turnouts for the meetings have been good. However, we would like to have more people joining us. Therefore, I would like to encourage all of you who have not been able to attend the virtual meetings to try to make an effort in doing so when you can, as you may find it spirit