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What is Sex all About?

That is the question, is it not?  Now the participants of Choice were given a few topics on which we were to stage a play and this was the topic given to my group. One can only imagine the teasing which took place when our peers realized that this was the topic given. I mean how does one stage a play on sex ? It took me awhile to think of a story-line, a few days of musing before I finally decided that I would write a story on relationships of which Sex would be its main theme.  I  wrote a story on the heartache, grief, and triumphs of one girl who overcame an abusive relationship of which her boyfriend had attempted to coerce her into having sex with him and when she refused, he began to cheat on her. Now why did I write the story this way instead of perhaps touching on other issues such as prostitution etc ? Its because through my own experience and that of others I have come to see that so many of us have experienced deep sorrow and anguish in the relationships we have been

My Journey

There are many times in our lives, where we tend to lose our way..or be directed to a different path. Often we sometimes tend to lose ourselves..our way on how we truly are as an individual That was how my life was ....ever since I lost myself. I  was dealing with a different person within myself and no matter how I tried, I could never find my true self ..that funny bubbly girl that I am. For a couple of years I begin to find ways to gain my courage and begin looking for myself. My mum found this article on Choice and advise me to go.Thus packed was I and off on my way .. As the days pass, I begin to slowly discover my true self and sooner the same me begin to arise from the depths of the ocean. I started to feel the same person I was. After Choice weekend, I begin to feel the changes immerging inside of me..I was becoming the same bubbly girl and slowly tearing the mask I was wearing . It was a change that I had long for a long time Now, even though there are still some t