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Reflection #1

  What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own immortal soul Matthew 16:26 Mark 8:36 Luke 9:25 I noticed that I sometimes get distracted with what this world has to offer. How many of us try to seek the pleasures of life, working hard for one material thing or another. My guilty pleasure is entertainment after a hard day at work. I even know of a person who went as far as to say that the catholic church is too rigid and we should be free to take whatever the world gives us, to do whatever makes us happy. While it is also essential to meet my material needs, is God still in the centre? Have we lost our faith? If He loves us so much, why did He have to give us the pandemic which had destroyed our normal way of life? Or should we take this time as an opportunity instead? Whatever free time we have now, instead of trying to entertain ourselves, why don’t we work on preparing our soul for God. No matter what we have accomplished, only our immortal soul matters. If