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CEKL 102 - The beginning of a journey

God works in many mysterious ways, in His own perfect time. He has brought us together as a family for a reason and now it is time to journey with one another. The relationships we now have are not a one off thing, following which we disappear but it is meant to be a someone we can belong to as we go through the ups and downs of life together. Welcome to the family CEKL102!!! If Choice was the reset button for you, it was only the beginning and not the end of this journey. There are always two questions that comes to mind when forming a bond with your CEKL batchmates. Are you willing to get to know a person? Are you willing to share your life with others? Don't let the sharing stop with Choice but continue to grow with one another. Sometimes it is only a matter of picking up the phone to call. And now... tadaaa...... this is what we did after Choice... Meeting up again was the best thing ever!!!! Lunch date!!! And some awesome night sessions....