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CHOICE RETREAT- 9/11/2019 & 10/11/2019 #RE Live Your Weekend My CHOICE Family   When I decided to attend this retreat, I didn’t know what to expect and just went with the flow.   I was amazed and found the sessions conducted by Kumar and his wife Monica were very enriching and involved most of us to use our heads to think and digest. The phrase “Be Still And Know I’m Here” which he mentioned during the session caught my attention.   Then when we were given some time to be alone with ourselves on the second day, taking deep breaths, hearing the sound and seeing the waves crashing into the shore, I felt really calm.   Still, considering  the many distractions and noises present, it was hard to stay focus and listen to my inner voice.   The session made me understand how important it is to take time and be alone with myself and God.  Finding that inner space and willing to let go of the "noises" in my life.  These "noises" can often be a distrac