CHOICE RETREAT- 9/11/2019 & 10/11/2019

#RE Live Your Weekend

My CHOICE Family 

When I decided to attend this retreat, I didn’t know what to expect and just went with the flow.  I was amazed and found the sessions conducted by Kumar and his wife Monica were very enriching and involved most of us to use our heads to think and digest.

The phrase “Be Still And Know I’m Here” which he mentioned during the session caught my attention.  Then when we were given some time to be alone with ourselves on the second day, taking deep breaths, hearing the sound and seeing the waves crashing into the shore, I felt really calm.  Still, considering the many distractions and noises present, it was hard to stay focus and listen to my inner voice.  The session made me understand how important it is to take time and be alone with myself and God.  Finding that inner space and willing to let go of the "noises" in my life.  These "noises" can often be a distraction and lead to self-sabotage at times.  I am learning to trust my instincts, not always hearing and doing what people say when faced with challenges and making decisions.  I also discovered how important it is to know myself and to relearn what I have been taught.

Then, when we're doing the “Treasure Hunt”, it taught me how important it is to work as a team despite our many differences in the way we think, react, do things, knowing our strength, weakness and acceptance of one another.  Also, the bonding time at the beach and BBQ opened my eyes to see the importance of family.  Yes, being a family after a long day, having some leisure time, walking, playing futsal on the beach, swimming, taking pictures, sitting, eating, chatting, laughing, singing and listening to music by the campfire. For me, that is what a family is all about, the sense of togetherness.

Fr Gregory session on “Christus Vivit” (Christ Lives) a Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on Young People based on a guide written by Pope Francis was very informative. It helped me understand my call as a youth and to embrace that call in the church whether by way of service, religious or matrimony.  The importance of forgiveness, building bridges, to communicate when there are disagreements and misunderstandings instead of posting it on social media.  It was exciting to know as well from the scriptural point of how God views youth to inspiration from the saints to practical advice.

On the second day during one of the session, Archbishop Julian Leow had surprisingly dropped by for the retreat.  His Grace shared a little about himself and one of the things that he went through as a student while studying in Australia.  I thought that was something I could relate too. Such a wonderful feeling to have His Grace sit with us, come down to our level and simplifying things in a way that we can understand.

Overall, the retreat for me was really amazing, and I indeed "Relived" my  CHOICE Weekend. It had left footprints in my life.  Hope that CHOICE KL would organise more retreats like this in the near future as it is a great way to build spirituality and bring CHOICE'S together.  I would like to thank the organising committee for taking the time in organising this for us.  May God Bless You And Your Families Abundantly.

Here are some pictures that were taken at the retreat. Enjoy viewing them and may the memories of CHOICE bring you home...

Golden Sands - View During The Day

Golden Sands - View At Sunset

Waves Crushing Onto The Shore During Sunset

Relaxing Session Before "The Session" 

Wefie Session

Fr Gregory's Session On "Christus Vivit"

Attentively Listening To Fr Gregory's Session (Blur Sotong😆)

First Day Luncheon

This Is Not CHOICE Weekend Briefing But Treasure Hunt Briefing
Team Silent - One Of the Treasure Hunt Teams

Team Silent's Cheer

Team Bare-Backs Cheer

Team Chipshotz Cheer

One of The Treasure Hunt's Task -  Basketball (Way To Go Jasper from Team Bare-Backs😉)

Another Treasure Hunt Task - Had To Use The Mouth & Tongue To Find The Coins
(Way To Go Janice From Team Silent)

Way To Go Mujan From Team Bare-Backs

Way To Go As Well  Marky From Team Chipshotz
Cikgu Marking Our Answers For The Treasure Hunt... 
Don't play2... got auditor from each group to check whether marked correctly or not.😱😲
(Really Tough With So Many Country Flags)

The Winners For The Treasure Hunt Was Team Silent (Led By "The Fearless Leader" Dr Mark)

Team Bare-Backs  Was 2nd Runner-Up For The Treasure Hunt 
(Led By Bebek a.k.a "Babe")

Team Chipshotz Was 3rd Place For The Treasure Hunt (Led By Debbie)

BBQ  Dinner Time 

Certificates of Appreciation (Done With Love By Joy Nathan)

Clear & Bright Skies At The Beach

Beach & Futsal Time

Watch That Ball Go...Wow...

Girls Wanna Have Fun

Goofing At The Beach

Chilling & Watching The Sunset

Footprints In The Sand

Water World

The CHOICE Baywatch Cast 

Magnificent Sunset

Campfire By The Beach

Second Day Breakfast Time

Second Day Retreat Session
The Retreat Couple - Kumar & Monica
Jejaka-Jejaka Bersama Dengan AB Julian

Second Day Luncheon After Mass With Fr Kenneth Gopal OCD
On The Patio Excited To See The Sea

Enjoying The Company Of  Each Other

Jejaka-Jejaka Tengah Posing Untuk Majalah CHOICE

Sampai Sahaja Di Sini Dan Harap Jumpa Anda Semua Lain Kali


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