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The Little Boy

One day.. A boy was walking down the street... Cold, wearing torn mittens, shoes worn out, and legs shivering in the winter cold..He reached a diner where he saw families sitting and having their pre-Christmas dinner with lots of food, drinks, laughter and most importantly.... Love.  He stood at that diner for a long time until the supervisor saw him staring at his customers...  He rushed out, and told the boy.. "you little brat.. Move away from that window.. Ur scaring my customers"..The little boy then in shock just looked at the supervisor while his lips were shivering and said " sir I was just looking at how cozy and warm it is inside".."may I come in.. Please"..? asked the dirty scruffy boy..  Little Boy has been sleeping by the dump yard and under the bridges...He smelt like a street cat and had not taken a shower for a long time.. "come inside... No!" Said the manager... As he closed the blinders and told the boy to

My Reflection Journey - (Specially Dedicated To Those in the Medical & Service Line)

A couple of days ago, I had read on Facebook about an Italian couple who were nurses and had been called back to work in their working place, to aid with the increasing number of the coronavirus cases. Maybe some of you may have read the story. Anyway, this couple had two children and they had to leave them with their parents. As the number of coronavirus cases had been increasing day by day, the couple soon found that it was impossible to even see or talk to each other as they were running up and down treating patients. Finally, for a brief moment they had the time to look at each other's eyes, probably wondering and having conversations in their minds telepathically like, “When will we have the time to be together again”, “When can we see the children and spend time with them again”, etc.. and they both pulled down the mask they had on and exchanged a kiss. Then without wasting time, they put it back again to carry on with their work. Little did they know that their