The Little Boy

One day.. A boy was walking down the street... Cold, wearing torn mittens, shoes worn out, and legs shivering in the winter cold..He reached a diner where he saw families sitting and having their pre-Christmas dinner with lots of food, drinks, laughter and most importantly.... Love. 

He stood at that diner for a long time until the supervisor saw him staring at his customers... 
He rushed out, and told the boy.. "you little brat.. Move away from that window.. Ur scaring my customers"..The little boy then in shock just looked at the supervisor while his lips were shivering and said " sir I was just looking at how cozy and warm it is inside".."may I come in.. Please"..? asked the dirty scruffy boy.. 

Little Boy has been sleeping by the dump yard and under the bridges...He smelt like a street cat and had not taken a shower for a long time.. "come inside... No!" Said the manager... As he closed the blinders and told the boy to go away...  Little boy, continued his journey and came to the main road of the busy bustling town.. As people were rushing to do their last minute Christmas shopping and some people were rushing to get home to their families, Little Boy just stood and looked at the beauty of the city... 

With all the lights and all the snow and how beautiful his town was, every year at this point of time little boy loved being in the city. But then, 
he remembered this same time last year... The painful event that had occurred at that very busy city junction. Teenage girl was trying to cross the road, trying to cross the road to get to little boy"s side.. So she could feed him for the night...As Teenage Girl was crossing, an oncoming taxi runned her down as the driver did not realise she was going to cross... Little Boy saw that accident and was in shock.. He couldn't believe his eyes as people rushed to help Teenage Girl. 

The taxi driver who hit her just drove away and did not stop to help Teenage Girl..Little Boy was helpless as he saw his dinner all splattered on the road.. Teenage girl had brought him his favourite soup from the shop where she had been working.. Hot basil soup..Teenage Girl held out her hand to little boy and by the time he could grab her hand... Little boy saw Teenage girl's life go in a split second....

Little Boy was confused... He did not know what to do..And where to go, he had just lost his one and only family member his sister. He did not know how to live in this concrete jungle... And he did not know where they lived and how to gey back home. Little Boy lost his home on that day.. And he had to sleep and fend for himself in that city.. He had to eat from scraps he had to sleep in fear every night...

Suddenly, little boy felt a jolt.. Like someone calling him.. As he realised it as all a dream..a passerbyer was calling little boy.. "hello, hello" Young Man said to little boy.. "would u like to cross the road"? Little Boy with a small smile said "no sir, but I would like some food"..Young Man smiled at him and said... "sure man, I will get you your food" Young Man then asked Little boy "What would you like to eat"? Little boy answered "Basil Soup Sir." Young Man while walking stopped and looked at little boy.. "Basil Soup? your in luck son, I was just going to get myself the same thing" as Young Man walks with little boy they reach the soup place.. 

Little Boy is happy and has a big smile on his face.. Young man n little boy order the bowl of basil soup..As they receive the bowl... Little Boy says to young man.. "Sir, can we say a lil prayer"? 
"sure little boy" said the Young man. Little boy looked down at the bowl of basil soup, he teared and he said, 

God.. I want to thank you for Young man, I want to thank you for this bowl of Basil soup and I want to thank you for My sister, teenage girl...Amen.. 

Both, young man and little boy start to enjoy their soup.. As time passed by.. Little Boy wanted to use the bathroom.. As little boy walked towards the bathroom, the manager of the soup shop recognised little boy... Few moments later after little boy came out of the bathroom, the manager headed to the table where little boy was sitting..The manager then says.. "Are you little boy" ? Little boy says.."Yes Sir, I am".. "how do u know me?" asks little boy..

Manager looks soo happy when he found little boy.. He pulls little boy towards him and gives him a big hug the manager said "teenage girl used to work in this soup shop and every night she would bring your favourite basil soup back for you" When Teenage girl took the basil soup the night of her accident to little boy.. 

Few hours before that she had purchased a ticket and that ticket showed that she had won certain amount of money.. When manager knew about this and went to teenage girls house, he got to know about the accident.. He was trying to find little boy all over the city but it failed.. He could not find him.. Manager has been looking for little boy for almost one year...

Manager then brings little boy to the back of the shop.. Where there was a small memorial stand setup for teenage girl.. And her picture was there.. Little Boy cried and cried with happiness and hugged manager.. And thanked young man for bringing him to that shop where Teenage girl was working.. Little boy prayed for change to his life everyday before stepping out of his card box home to find for food.. Everyday he prayed for a better life for food in his stomach.. And for better clothes.. And to go to school again..His power of prayers everyday finally had brought him to this soup shop... Little Boys prayer was answered on that day... πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Moral of the story:  In the most desperate of times, in the most difficult of times nothing can ever be a greater support to us than our very own prayers.. The power of prayer if you believe it, even in the size of a mustard seed.  It works wonders.. 

A Story by,
Ethan. πŸ™πŸΎ

p/s :
Thank you for reading...  This was scribbled at about 2:30 am this morning. Thank you to the person who asked me to do this scribble, and telling me to post it here I truly appreciate it.. If you get a chance to read this you known who you are.. ;) 


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