My Reflection Journey - (Specially Dedicated To Those in the Medical & Service Line)

A couple of days ago, I had read on Facebook about an Italian couple who were nurses and had been called back to work in their working place, to aid with the increasing number of the coronavirus cases. Maybe some of you may have read the story.

Anyway, this couple had two children and they had to leave them with their parents. As the number of coronavirus cases had been increasing day by day, the couple soon found that it was impossible to even see or talk to each other as they were running up and down treating patients.

Finally, for a brief moment they had the time to look at each other's eyes, probably wondering and having conversations in their minds telepathically like, “When will we have the time to be together again”, “When can we see the children and spend time with them again”, etc.. and they both pulled down the mask they had on and exchanged a kiss. Then without wasting time, they put it back again to carry on with their work. Little did they know that their parents had also caught onto the virus and had passed on while they were working.  No sooner after that they both had caught on to the virus as well and passed away, not knowing that the day when they exchanged the kiss, was the last time they would see each other alive. A picture of this couple was taken when they pulled down the mask to exchange the kiss amidst all what was happening around them.

This story really moved me and I found myself in tears. Their story is an inspiration for those who are called to the medical line especially those frontlines. Guess, the day when anyone decides to say "Yes" in becoming a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or anybody in the medical and service line, was the day they were called in their jobs to a lifetime of service bringing Christ’s love to others without realising it.

When I used to tell my friends who had chosen the medical line as a career path that they had made a lifetime commitment to their jobs, they would either nod their heads listening to my thoughts or have no idea what I was talking about.  I could understand that answer as some of them only chose that career path, as their parents told them too. Of course, it would be different if they had chosen that career path on their own. Then, it would mean that they had a deep desire in wanting to help and cure people.

Today, with our current situation and all that we are facing especially with people contracting the virus, they do need all our support, prayers, encouragement and strength. Every day is a challenge as they watch people heal and die. It's not easy, because just like us, they are human beings. It is important they know that they are cherished and loved always as they may not come back alive. If you can't see them, I would encourage one to send a text or What's App message or even call when they are off duty to these people, if you do know them personally. I’m sure that they would really appreciate it.  You never know its little things like this that keep them going.

Likewise, we should also try to do this for our family, relatives, friends and etc.. during this season of LENT. We should not only try doing it because of LENT but for always.  I am sure that this Lenten experience is something different for all of us. With all of us not being able to participate for Mass and Way of The Cross as a community, it opens our eyes and makes us appreciate being able to go to Church daily and during the weekends to receive the Eucharist.  For me personally, I missed serving at church and seeing the people that I used too.  The wanting of hugging them and saying, “Peace Be With You” or “How Have You Been? I missed my friends and the Choir practices.  Perhaps, God is telling us something. Are we really listening?  As we go through this movement control order, I believe it’s a good time for us to reflect on ourselves and be better persons not only to our loved ones but to the people around us.  It is a time of grace for us to be closer to God through prayer, to reconcile and forgive as well, so that we can experience God’s love, peace and joy in our hearts.  May we also take the time to meditate on the Word of God which is the food for our soul, so that our actions can bring the love of God to everyone and we can light each other’s candle.  Pray as well that God will give us the courage and strength to go through this stormy period and His mercy be upon us all.

By the way, if you are moved after reading this reflection, you’re most welcome to share with anyone whom you may think needs it.


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