Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Christmas Carol with C99

Joy to the world the Lord had come. Let earth receive her king !

We Wish you all a Merry Christmas and to all a Happy New Year
 As the year draws to a close and we rejoice for the birth of our Lord savior Jesus Christ, the participants from C99 got together to give thanks for the great blessings of friendships that we received following our CHOICE weekend. And what better way to do it than to spread that joy by singing carols in some of our fellow C99 houses. We were also lucky enough to be joined by two participants from C100 and a special guest from Singapore.

Quick rehearsal outside the parish of Assumption. Shhhh, sing softly or we might awake the bay-bee. 
First on our list was the beautiful home of Ivy Pat. We were warmly greeted by Ivy's mum who was quick to offer us some of her homemade cookies (some of which Ivy claimed to have made herself).


Ivy's mom's warm presence and humble nature had us all glowing in delight.

As finished singing our hearts out and were about to take leave, we were presented by a very special surprise. Ivy donned her pretty white gloves, turned on the music and captivated us with a near flawless pantomime. It was presented as a gesture of thanks for all her comrades in C99 which had us truly humbled.
 Ivy can pull some pretty mean moves and we at C99 have the videos to prove it. 
Next up was a home of another C99er, Rachel. We were instantly greeted by her mom and wonderful niece, little Elisabeth. To our surprise Rachel's friend from Singapore (who happened to be a music teacher) took her seat at the piano and accompanied us beautifully through the carols. And boy did we sound much better after that !

9 out of  9 carolers agreed that we did indeed sound better with music.

Another surprise was in store for us all when Rachel's cute 2 year old niece Elisabeth sprang up and showed us her moves with a rendition of the world wide phenomenon which is Baby Shark.  
Little Elisabeth educated us on how to prevent a future shark attack by quickly identifying the various genus and species by analyzing their teeth and jaw structure.
Our final caroling session of the day was at the home of  Debbie from C99. This time we were welcomed not just by Debbie's mum Mrs.Jean, but also by her furry companion, Angel. Woof woof !

Charlie's  Debbie's Angels

And this time we had Debbie herself play out the carols on the piano, which led us to sing more than just the seven initial songs on our list. (including the famed rendition of C99's 'Kau Ilhamku' which has yet to see it's time on stage).  

Debbie working some magic on the keys.

We were feted with a delicious dinner of roast chicken and mash potatoes. Once our stomachs had settled we moved on to the final activity of the night, Secret Santa !

Dinner time !!
Wedding Silver Bells. Soon it will be............

I'm dreaming of a White Woman Christmas
Grace: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas........  Akka why you squeezing my neck so tight ah ?
'Twas fun it is to ride and sing
Last Christmas you gave me Ang Pow, but the very next day I blew it away. This year to save me from tears, I'll invest it in a diversified investment portfolio or any emerging cryptocurrency. 

We take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful carolers who blessed us not just with their astonishing good looks voice but also with their humble presence and commitment to make this entire day happen. Thank you for your time and effort.

We like to thank our own Ivy Pat from C99, for ensuring we followed through and properly executed this activity. 

Thank you also to our gracious hosts, for opening your homes for us to sing and fellowship.May God bless you and your families.
And most importantly a big thank you to our Lord Jesus, for ensuring us smooth and safe travel between the homes and giving us the joy and blessings from this entire activity.

Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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