Thursday, February 16, 2017

What does CHOICE mean to you? #2

Preparing for the CHOICE weekends is truly an amazing experience. In these series of post, we interviewed some of the members to share their encounters with CHOICE that inspired them to return and to serve subsequent weekends.

1. Issues in life you struggled with before choice.
I had issues with being very quiet and reserved. To put it in simple layman terms I was the invincible one. 😊

 2. What choice is to you?
CHOICE hmm to be honest at first, I was so scared of Choice because I was told it's a matchmaking program. It took me many years to decide to go for Choice but I was proven wrong. Choice totally exceeded my expectations and no, choice is not a matchmaking program - phew such a relief. 

3. How has choice change your life? 
Choice changed my life. I was lost and today I found myself. I will forever be grateful for the experience.

4. What is life after choice?
These 4 words sums up my life after Choice. God, Family, Fun and lots of Food because Choice gave me a big family where we all have fun, dining together, travelling together and praying together as a one big happy family.

Claudine CEKL98

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  1. Well said Claudine. Choice changed my life too. It serves as a platform for me to serve in other ministries as well as everlasting friendship.

  2. May God bless you and your service in his Ministries.