Friday, February 17, 2017

What does CHOICE mean to you? #3

Preparing for the CHOICE weekends is truly an amazing experience. In these series of post, we interviewed some of the members to share their encounters with CHOICE that inspired them to return and to serve subsequent weekends.

Image result for communication and relationships bible verses1. Issues in life you struggled with before choice.
Before joining Choice, I struggled with relationships and communication with the people around me. The weight of the world seemed to be on my shoulder and there seemed to be no escape from it.

2. What choice is to you?
In a simple word - "family'. We meet lots of individuals who face similar struggles and as such it is easier to relate to one another and we tend to become close akin to a family.

3. How has choice change your life?
Choice has taught me to accept myself for who I am and given the confidence that I am not the only one who struggles. Choice has given me the chance to rekindle lost communications and also establish new relations in the process.

4. What is life like after choice?
As for me, life has improved fro the better after Choice. Although it was programmed for a weekend, the journey is far from over and I have continued the journey with the choice family so that I may have a chance to give back what I have received to another in need.

Kevin CEKL97

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