Monday, February 20, 2017


By Eileen McCarthy: New London, CT

1. Slowly read scripture until something hits you. Then listen.
2. Say a rosary.
3. Let God look at you.
4. Tell Him something that made you happy. Then listen.
5. Tell Him what you are afraid of. Then listen.
6. Tell Him what angers you. Then listen.
7. Speak about your loved ones.
8. Pray for an enemy.
9. Talk with Him about work.
10. Sing a song for Him in your heart.
11. Promise to trust Him.
12. Imagine Mary sitting next to you and praying with you.
13. Renew your loyalty to His Church.
14. Lean on Him. Tell Him you love Him.
15. Thank Him for the Sacraments.
16. Tell Him your failures. Ask for help. Then listen.
17. Slowly recite the Beatitudes.
18. Say one Our Father slowly.
19. Say one Hail Mary slowly.
20. Say the Creed slowly.
21. Pray for vocations.
22. Ask him to show you the next step.
23. Look at yourself. Count your gifts. Then thank Him.
24. Pray for your family, friends and the world.
25. Enjoy just being in His presence.

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