Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Choice Chicken Soup - Yum2!

Greetings to all Choicees. I just wanted to share a story I have recently heard...

A protestant pastor was talking to a catholic priest one day and he was very curious about the Eucharist. The pastor who was a very devout man of God asked the Catholic priest if he really believed the teachings of the catholic church that the Host was the real body and blood of Christ and not just a symbol. The priest was puzzled at this question and inquired further...

The pastor then said that, if he were the one who believed in the real presence, by now he would be crawling up the aisle to receive GOD.

I feel that sometimes the way we conduct ourselves in mass, like being indifferent, distracted and failing to show our reverence, it is as if we don't truly believe that God is really present in the Eucharist. I am equally guilty of denying God like Peter did 3 times before the rooster crowed. Everything becomes just like a lip service.

We need to prepare ourselves thoroughly, body, mind and spirit before receiving Him or meeting Him in the Blessed Sacrament. We must acknowledge and confess our own sins and wash our linen clean before inviting Him in. That is why non-Catholics or Catholics alike who do not believe in God or his presence in the Eucharist cannot receive Holy Communion.

In a recent homily, the priest also explained why in a row of Catholics going up to receive Holy Communion, the level of graces for each of them is not the same. Some get lesser or more than the others. It depends on the condition of your heart at the time. The secret is to adopt the DHL graces delivery service: D - Detachment, H - Humility, L - Love.

I think like in the parable of the sower, my current condition is like seeds falling among the thorns,  getting choked and are struggling to mature. Kudos to those who already have good soil. But for those who are like me, let us strive for DHL and spend more time with God.

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