Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Movie Time!!

It was always going to be a battle between Power Rangers vs the beast.
On Sunday, April 2nd 2017 we had both movies planned and the movie tickets bought.

But for some reason the beastly romance 😂😂😂 melted most our ladies hearts and naturally our gentlemen had to sacrifice the action (for lent time - amen) and tagged along. Poor Eric was one example... Had to defect to the 'other' side.. Hahahahha.

Just kidding la... but seriously, the guys were nobody was victimised here.. . We all had fun *wink*

One thing is for sure... none of us turned Gay!!!

Awwww the sweetest ppl in the house! 

However, I must say, the most remarkable person was our loving Mama bear. Thank you for making this movie date happened!

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