Thursday, April 20, 2017

What does CHOICE mean to you? #15

Preparing for the CHOICE weekends is truly an amazing experience. In these series of post, we interviewed some of the members to share their encounters with CHOICE that inspired them to return and to serve subsequent weekends.

1. What is Choice to you?
Choice is a fantastic spiritual and realistic program for self reflection and realisation on the important things in life. It's also about putting others before yourself and a checklist of sorts on the way your life is going and how to improve thereon.

2. How has Choice changed your life?
A lot. I am no longer the same person as before. Things that I initially felt were important were actually not. It had helped me to prioritise the important aspects of my life such as my relationship with others and more importantly my personal relationship with God.

3. What is life after Choice?
Life is always full of challenges but after Choice I found it easier to deal with them as I realised that there are many others who are going through the same challenges as me. I realised that I'm not alone and together we are able to grow and share our joys and sadness.

Edwin CEKL95

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