Tuesday, May 9, 2017

M.A.D for Christ

Recently, on Friday 5th May 2017, we had our latest M.A.D project at Carl's soup Kitchen, near ASAYO . A big shout out to 'Datuk' Ron and Andrew for making it happened and also to all our CHOICEes who participated to keep the poor and hungry, well fed.

We came together at 8am and started the process of chopping, chopping, talking, playing, monkeying around, washing, cooking and serving. 

CHOICEes serious at business yo! 😍

We were so serious, we hired auditors to do QC. Alex was the main kepala... hehehe 😎 

Won't want anybody to have food poisoning right... Hmmmmm.. Ray Ray's smile looks suscipious! What did you do bro... spill it out.. wah chaaaa...

Roti canai aneh

Noooooo.... mummy please don't take my food...

CEKL 96 buddies

We really had a great time and will wait in anticipation for our next M.A.D project!

Hmmm.. anywayzzz what does M.A.D stand for already ah... somebody plzz enlighten me in the comment box. I desperately need to know..!! 😭😭

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