Sunday, July 23, 2017

Say NO to sour faces - Fr Greg

Funny thing today,

I've never seen fr. Greg as happy as he was today..dancing, laughing and smiling around during the blessing after mass. He started blessing people from the altar till the end of the church!

He spoke about the CHOICE program and I think his message came at the perfect time for me.

For the full effect just imagine him giving the "Greg expression". Hahahaha

"Why we young Catholics like to show sour face? People wish good morning and we reply saying: what's good about the morning!"
"We young Catholics should be more joyful and celebrate together."
"To share relationships and to be joyful and to celebrate together."

And then he continued by mentioning, "if we want to welcome others to the Catholic faith, how are we to do it if we aren't joyful enough and are not able to celebrate it?"

That is why we must join the CHOICE program lah...

A sneak peak of what we did yesterday... Fr Greg, are you proud of our sweet joyful faces!!!? Hehehe

Alister Anthony

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