Monday, August 21, 2017

Fellowship Dinner by CEKL99

So it was the CEKL 99 batch's turn to organise a fellowship and boy did they do a funtastic job!

The dinner was held at Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant on the 22nd July 2017~~ We had super ancient choicees from Choice 51😱😱 (you know who you are 😜) up to the current batch. It was nice seeing and getting to know all of you there.

Apart from the yummilicious food, we were also entertained by our very own wannabe Linkin Park singers, Britney Spears, Lelaki-lelaki lorong Belakang, etc. Some were out of tune but well, we were still entertained. Need singers for any occasions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

And while we were being entertained, our King Ali, knight in shining armour, had his side drama....
This was our previous Pool Party in April
Dinner scene
We believe the picture above speaks for itself. He really likes to save our damsels in distress. This time, same damsel somemore. Errrr.. Ali.. what are you saving her from this time?

Not only our tummies were filled, we each got a  souvenir 😍😍 as well. Yayyy!!

In a nutshell, we had lots of funnnn and laughter 😄😄. Kudos to the c99!!

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