Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Seagames Football Mania

Choice people are no strangers to football. 😀😀 Some of us are even hardcore fans. Then our Malaysian team suddenly became gempak, masuk seagames semifinals. Sure la need to support. Kena menang brooo. But no tickets to go watch 😭😭😭 so sad. So no choice la, terpaksa go to mamak!

Seagames semifinals!!! Malaysia menang!!! Thanabalan heroo!!! Kesian our Indonesian kawan, bebek (far right) but nevermind la... 😜

Then we also met up today. Seagames football finals... Malaysia vs Thailand! We were all excited and anticipating a holiday... Huhu

(edit 1/9/17) The Chinese uncle sitting with us belongs to Choice also you know. Our BACKUP supporter... don't play play 

But because AA datang lambat our team lost. Why AA, why do you have to come late... 😆😆😆Seeee... no holiday d. 

Anywayzzz.. Kudos to our Malaysian football team for their effort and dedication for reaching the finals. You make us proud!! 😘😘

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