Sunday, January 21, 2018

CHOICE weekend in Kuantan!!!

I just had a chat with Fr Greg. He wanted me to share this message with all of you, so typing this in my own words la coz I couldn't type when he was talking.

"All of u have taken a risk of having the CHOICE weekend in Kuantan but its worthwhile risk. We have never had the weekend in East Coast and people of the East Coast are the ones who are most vulnerable although being more spiritual that us in Klang Valley, God is always with those who are most vulnerable. We are going out of our comfort zones.

We are now the instruments of God in reaching out to those in the East Coast. And with God being with those who are most vulnerable he will guide us.

Be like King David who responded to Gods message and  not like King Saul who reacted to Gods message and wanted to keep the prize.

All we need to:
-Listen to God
-Give the participants an experience instead of just a weekend
-Keep things simple
-Start being instead of doing

All of you are amazing people taking amazing efforts"

He ended with a thank you and wanted to have a quick spiritual retreat for CHOICE Team


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