Monday, January 1, 2018

Wishing you a blessed new year!!! - Centenary thanksgiving dinner.

Looking back at 2017 there were many things to be thankful about. It feels like a year has gone and past in a blink of an eye while nostalgia smiles in remembrance of the journey we had to take to complete this span of our lives.

This calls for a time of simple reflection. A free pass to relive the bubbling emotion we had secured in the vault of our hearts. How has the bitter sweet road touched us?

It has almost been a month since I sat on table number 15; tenderly lavished with sweet flower petals and a peacock flaming tea light candle.

The helium gassed balloons floating all above me were particularly ingenious as it provoked an uncontrollable childlike desire, almost instinctively, to grasp its tail end, as many as possible for a dashing picture.

 Then there was our very own in house band, rocking some music with solid drums and fiery guitars burning their way through the hall.

And Fr Gregory calling on the Choice members to join the Holy Orders the dance floor.

We came to celebrate CHOICE KL which has successfully journeyed through 100 weekends, facilitated by many priests, sisters, married couples and single adults who have gone through the program and then came back to serve.

His grace the Archbishop of Kuching, most Rev Simon Poh, who played a significant role of bringing CHOICE to Malaysia, graced us with his presence and celebrated mass with us and the parishioners of St Ignatius, PJ.

But most importantly, thank you to all the CHOICE members from near and far. With an exciting variety of CHOICE t'shirts, you came all the way, literally from the whole Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia to celebrate with us. We made many new friends and rekindled old friendships.

And then there were the CHOICEES from wayyyy back, during the earlier days where it all began. They came with their families.

Let me introduce the person from Choice #1

She won the lucky draw!!!

There was something peculiar about this photo-booth....

It made us go crazy for pictures!!! (the full photobooth album is stored in Choice Kuala Lumpur facebook page!!) but for a sneak peak...

Alvin M. our elegant MC for the night who has a features of a priest ­čśŁalmost singlehandedly became an archbishop in waiting when he almost did the closing prayer!!!

We thank the organising committee for a job well done and pray that in 2018, God will shower us with countless blessing, love, peace and joy. From the Choice KL team, a happy and a blessed new year to you all!!!

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