Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What does CHOICE mean to you? #13

Preparing for the CHOICE weekends is truly an amazing experience. In these series of post, we interviewed some of the members to share their encounters with CHOICE that inspired them to return and to serve subsequent weekends.

1. What is choice to you?
Choice is like a family which keeps growing. It gives me a great sense of belonging and keeps me rooted in my faith.

2. How has choice change your life?
Choice has made me understand myself and my relationship with my loved ones better. It has made me look at things from a different perspective and appreciate those close to me and it has also brought me closer to God.

3. What is life like after choice?
Life cannot be any better after Choice. The amazing people I met here are always there to support me in good and bad times and it is so much fun going back to serve the for the weekends after that as you learn something new from each weekend.

Janice CEKL95

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