Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lent #8 - Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Spiritual Works of Mercy have long been a part of the Christian tradition, appearing in  the works of the theologians and spiritual writers throughout history. Just as Jesus attended to the spiritual well-being of those he ministered to, these Spiritual Works of Mercy guide us to "help our neighbour in their spiritual needs"

Counselling the doubtful:
Everyone has moments of doubt in their faith journey. Nevertheless, we should always remember that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and turn to Him along our way, Be an example of the faith to others.

Instructing the ignorant:
Learn about our faith and be open to talking with others about our beliefs. There is always something more to discover about our faith.

Admonishing the sinner:
Do not judge, but be supportive in helping others find their way and correct their mistakes. Together we can lean to walk more closely with Christ.

Comforting the sorrowful: 
Be open to listening and comforting those who are dealing with grief. Even if we aren't sure of the right words to say, our presence can make a big difference.

Forgiving injuries:
Forgiving other is difficult at times because we do not have God's limitless mercy and compassion. But Jesus teaches us that we should forgive as God forgives, relying on him to help us show others the mercy of God. Let go of grudges!

Bearing wrongs patiently:
Do not be bitter about wrongs done against you. Place your hope in God so that you can endure the troubles of this world and face them with a compassionate spirit.

Praying for the living and the dead:
Prayer is one of the most powerful ways we can support others. Joining together in prayer for the living and the dead entrusts us all into God's care.

Published by: Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Team

As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming CHOICE weekend, let us keep the above in mind and ask God for the strength and the will to carry out His good works of Mercy.

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