Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CHOICE KL #99 Weekend Finale

Another successful closure to the CHOICE 99 weekend. Kudos to all our service and presenting team members for spending your time and energy in service of our fellow CHOICE newbees. 

However big or small, your contribution were very significant and very much appreciated. A big shout out also to those who have supported and prayed for us along the way. Even if you were not physically with us, you were there in spirit.

Although we may seemed too focus or too serious at times and having a no nonsense type of behaviour (?moody ?Sad ?depressed, seriously Ali, I can't tell... please clarify)

This is more like it bro..... 😜

 Sometimes we might even feel like going after each others' throats.

Other times, we were punished even though we may not have done anything wrong.

And occasionally find a cake slapped on our faces.

Mercilessly, we toil as minions day and night to appease the bosses and may find ourselves dead tired. (a job for the CSI - pm alicia pls!)

 Yes, we are fallible human beings with feelings and many different personalities. We are not prefect. We sometimes fall into temptation. So lets bury the hatchet and forgive one another.

Let us hold on to the SWEET memories...

 and the wonderful company we had while organising CEKL 99

I am pretty sure she saw a ghost.... 👻

And the awesome fellowship and makan.

Some even aspiring to join the holy orders...

Go ahead and give each other a hug...

Because at the end of the day we are still one big family in CHOICE...

This is our post-CHOICE weekend makan. 7 tables full! This must be the longest line of tables ever. Ali's speech had to be conveyed by voice call to the other end of the table. Even so, Geraldine was still complaining that she couldn't hear!

Introducing the teams:

 Can you find Fr Gregory, Sister Mary, and our presenting couple Colin and Rina?

The CHOICE fire, passing down through the generations... 
House team of CEKL 95, 96, 97, 98

An honourable salute to the Melaka group:

and thank you CBM for helping us out.

Last but not least... The moment we have been waiting for. 

I present to you...

 our beloved CHOICE English Kuala Lumpur #99 

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